3 Tools to Help Boost Your Organic Reach

If you are an early founder, freelancer or a seller, you might have already know that organic reach is getting difficult and is declining, across pretty much all platforms. That’s mainly because most platforms are getting greedy and want you to spend some money out of your pocket on paid ad campaigns so they can make more money. So for example, Facebook’s reach is down some 20% in 2017 alone, while Twitter has switched to more algorithm-defined feeds, which is better for engagement, as opposed to pure connection (or sales to say the least).

To some extent Twitter’s approach is fine where they only want to show what the customer might be interested in but what the customer is not educated on some specific product or service (like yours) and you want to reach out to them but also without spending any money or wasting your time?

And while there is always an option to spend hefty amount on paid ad campaigns and experiment with them, it’s always very challenging and risky. But hey, I am here to talk about a list of tools that will surely help you, your service or your product to reach out to thousands of customers saving you both money and time.

Here we go:

1. Apollo


Apollo is an outbound email finder and helps in drip sequence like (my fav). So basics on how it can helpo is you search for each company in Apollo, save the employees profiles that are the decision makers. Apollo will automatically find and pull their emails for you. Magic, right? It is. Just a fraction of amount (monthly subscription starting from $50/month) against your expected sales (could be 2x increase).

Apollo is an all-in-one sales intelligence platform with tools to help you prospect, engage, and drive more revenue. Sellers and marketers use Apollo to discover more customers in market, connect with contacts, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy. Apollo's B2B Database includes over 220M contacts and 30M companies with robust and accurate data.

Teams leverage Apollo’s Engagement Suite to scale outbound activity and sequences effectively. Finally, up-level your entire go-to-market processes with Apollo's Intelligence Engine with recommendations and analytics that help you close. Founded in 2015, Apollo.io is a leading data intelligence and sales engagement platform trusted by over 10,000 customers, from rapidly growing startups to global enterprises.

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2. SolidInbox

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SolidInbox makes it super easy to find relevant profiles (which could be your potential customer) for you on Twitter and send them personalised DMs with advanced filters - all on automation.Like most early founders, bootstrappers, sellers and freelancers - you are exhausted from spending $$$ on ads or just bombarding your messages to every random profile on Twitter hoping someone will get back to you or maybe still trying to figure out a way to reach-out to some people to tell about you or your service..SolidInbox makes it super easy to create, optimize and automate Twitter outreach.

But instead of searching profiles one by one on Twitter and sending them DMs manually, now you can automate the whole Twitter outreach process in minutes — with SolidInbox!

It’s monthly subscription starts with $30 only and it can surely help you with organic reach. I personally got 3x within 45 days! And here here some customer reviews about SolidInbox:

Testimonials for SolidInbox

Here is some more noise:

Testimonial for SolidInbox

SolidInbox enables you to reach out to potential customers, engage with them using personalized messaging and turn them into your customers to bring more revenue.

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3. Taplio


Taplio can be a great way to get noticed by not only your immediate network, but also their connections (your secondary connections)on LinkedIn. And if your connections are clients or partners, this strategy will prove even more effective. Create content from suggested Ai and post regularly on automation. 100’s of customers are using Taplio on monthly basis and it’s a great way to start.

It’s best if your clients are on LinkedIn and you are looking to boost your LinkedIn outreach.

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In summary, you will be basically needing to do the following:

  • Cold emails (with Apollo)
  • Twitter outreach (with SolidInbox)
  • LinkedIn outreach (with Taplio)

Hope this tiny article will be much of use as we have avoided all the long boring paragraph non-sense ;)