What is autopilot and how it works?

Luke Matthews
November 8, 2021
Checkout Process

Setup your campaign on autopilot

Autopilot lets you find leads and send DMs on automation without having you to do anything. It saves you time while bringing in tons of replies and revenue.

Before autopilot:

You set a search criteria and load leads by yourself to a campaign and as soon as the DMs are sent to those prospects, the campaign ends. It is good if you are targeting a limited amount of group but what if you want to reach to “Founders who follow Andrew Gazadacki” on Twitter? It would take you several hours even with Solidinbox to add all those leads manually in the campaign.

That’s where autopilot comes in.

After autopilot:

You set a search criteria and set the campaign on autopilot without adding all the leads on the campaign and Solidinbox will automagically find new and relevant leads on daily basis and send the DMs on automation. So you don’t even have to login again and again to add more leads or to create new campaigns.

How it works

1. Setup a DM template

Go to “Template” section where you can create a personalized message/DM to send to that particular collection we just created.

Tip: You can also create and save your DM template even before searching for the leads.

Create a new DM template and save it.

Tip: You can add spintax like {{Hey|Hello|Howdy|Yo}} as shown in the above screenshot which we will spin the greetings (in this particular case) in the DM for every other message sent automatically one by one. This helps your account to look genuine and more spam free to Twitter native platform.

You can also add personalization like {{name}} which will automatically fetch user's name from Twitter.

Here is a quick example of results we get from the above DM template:

2. Search leads

From the dashboard, click on “Search Leads” where you will see bunch of filters to search your leads from.

Add any keywords to target (like "CEO" “Founder”) and a username without “@” (like “agazdecki”) and hit “Search”

3. Set and create autopilot campaign

After you see some leads, simply click on "Create autopilot". Note here, we don't need to load more and more leads ourselves manually as the tool will do it automatically.

Name your autopilot campaign

Go to "Campaigns" section to view your campaign including leads or DMs that will be sent. Here you simply need to click on "Send" and voila! Your autopilot campaign is ready and being sent.

Now sit back and relax while Solidinbox finds you leads on automation.

For any questions or concers, please send us an email or you can also contact via live chat on our website. Happy DMing!